ACE Bartending Academy in Las Vegas
   Ace Bartending Academy in Las Vegas
   4079 N Rancho Dr Ste 170
   Las Vegas, NV 89130
   Telephone: 702-450-8800
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Bartending School in Las Vegas

Ace Bartending Academy has a bartending school in Las Vegas, NV.  This bartending school serves all of Clark County including Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson.

Ace Bartending Academy
4079 N Rancho Dr Ste 170
Las Vegas NV 89130
Morning Class: 10am - 1pm Monday - Friday 2 weeks long
Night Class: 6:30pm - 9:30pm Monday - Friday 2 weeks long

NEXT CLASS STARTS: Aug 20 (Night Class Only)

Internet Coupon Tuition Special $349


TO ENROLL: Pay your deposit online. Call us at 702-450-8800. Let us know if you want morning or night class. We will reserve a seat for you. Arrive 15 minutes early. See you in class! Please note deposits are REQUIRED to hold your seat at are NOT REFUNDABLE.

About the Course

If it has been your dream to enter the exciting bartending field, Ace Bartending Academy
is the bartending school that can help launch your career!  Our course is specifically
designed to thoroughly prepare you for every aspect of a bartender's job.  This includes preparing you for performance evaluation interviews with potential

Bartending Career Benefits:

  • Recession proof. Alcohol has not gone out of style or seen a recession in 9,000 years.  In fact, when times
    are bad, people drink more. Lots of employment opportunities, especially at local bars.
  • Earn cash tips daily.
  • Have fun working in a party atmosphere.  Where would you rather work...a 9-5 office job in a cubical while
    wearing a suit ... or in a night club or bar on the Las Vegas Strip !??!?!

Bartending school is a great investment.  You can recoup your tuition with one night's worth
of tips and start working immediately in a recession proof business.  The education and certification stays with you for life.   

Not Just Drink Recipes

We do not simply have you memorize drink recipes. Our course divulges into all subject
matter relating to bartending.  Learn the history and production of liquor, state and municipal
legal and health requirements, glassware, garnishes, etiquette, components and tools of the
bar, and the proper way to mix drinks.

Sharpen Your Skills

We want you to be fully prepared for job interviews and performance evaluations.  This
means getting behind the bar at the hottest night club or casino in town and having the confidence to act in the capacity of a professional bartender.


Our courses have been certified by the state of Nevada for 30 hours. Upon completion students will receive their official certificate.  Here is a sample of subject matter covered
in the course:

  • Nevada employment requirements (sheriff's card, health card, alcohol card)
  • Job Interview Technique
  • Distilled Beverages production & history
  • Glassware
  • Garnishes
  • Name Brands
  • Bartender tools and work ethics
  • Hundreds of popular drink recipes


Our course covers hundreds of the most popular drinks. Working side-by-side with your
instructor, you will learn how to make Martinis, Sours, Manhattans, Highballs, Juice Drinks,
Collins, Shots, and more. 

State Certified

Our course has been certified by the state of NV for 30 hours.  When you complete the
course, you will be given an official certificate that never expires.